Antonio Gimeno

youth and talent to the dakarian race

Antonio Gimeno: “The Dakar Rally is not a football game of two halves”.

In 2011 he finished a commendable 46th. He is now returning as part of the HIMOINSA Team.

Antonio is the youngest member of the team and got his first motorbike aged eight. He works in the sales department of a motorcycle company, and is surrounded by bikes 24 hours a day. Antonio gradually immersed himself in racing, inspired by his family and friends who are all motorcycle fans. Gimeno started racing in motocross in 1995, moving on shortly after to enduro and then rallies. He fulfilled one of his dreams in 2011 (which his father had been unable to due to a lack of sponsorship), and took party in the hardest rally raid in the world. “It’s still just a competition but it’s one of the most popular and toughest events in the world, because of the number of days, the conditions etc. etc.. There are physical, personal and human factors at play. You become a better person, it’s an adventure. It’s not a football game of two halves, here you start early in the morning and might have a stage of anywhere between four hundred and eight hundred kilometres. There are different terrains, problems, sometimes it rains sometimes it doesn’t, it can get really hot, you can climb from sea level to 5,000 metres in just a short space of time, your bike can break down, you have to stop to help a team mate… It’s hard to predict what’s going to happen in the Dakar”.

The motard is a regular in the various races all year round and is taking part this year along with Rosa Romero. “Being part of the HIMOINSA Team is wonderful, and being on the same team as Rosa Romero and Miguel Puertas is a privilege. It’s so inspiring to be part of such a great team, and I’m going to push hard to make sure all three of us finish. It’s hard to say what you’re feeling when you’re racing as you’re so involved. When you’re racing you don’t admire the scenario as you’re focused on navigating, on the dangers, the bike etc… Your hobby becomes a job”.

This 36-year old father of two from Madrid will be one of the linchpins of the team, making sure they work together to improve the chances of all three drivers finishing the race.