The 37th edition of the Dakar is unveiled in Paris

The start list for the 9,259-km route confirmed at the presentation will include 164 bikes, 414 vehicles in total and 665 competitors.

At the ceremony, presided by Race Director Étienne Lavigne , full details were announced about the participants and the 9,259-km route for the latest edition of the Dakar, which will again take place in Argentina, Chile y Bolivia in a loop format.

In the motorcycle category, in which HIMOINSA Team is taking part, the number of competitors has risen to 164. The most significant absentee this year will be the Chilean rider Francisco “Chaleco” López, who recently underwent an operation on his knee. Another rider who won’t be jumping on a bike this year is five-time winner Cyril Despres of France, but rather than remaining on the sidelines like “Chaleco”, he will be trying his luck in the car category along with Carlos Sainz and Stephane Peterhansel. Participating in the other categories will be 138 cars, 64 trucks and 49 quad bikes, for a total of 665 competitors from 53 different nations. Of these, the youngest will be the 18-year-old Argentine Jorge Lacunza, while the oldest will be the Japanese Yoshimasa Sugawara, who at the grand old age of 73 will be climbing into a truck again.

The route will be the one that has been discussed for the last few months. The Dakar will again run through Argentina, Chile and Bolivia, with the motorcyclists taking their rest day on 10 January. The event will be covered by over 2000 accredited media organisations and broadcast by seventy TV channels in more than 190 countries.

Race Director Étienne Lavigne also remarked that “For the 2016 edition of the Dakar we could visit a sixth Latin American country. We spend hours designing routes and connecting countries.   We’re prepared to travel anywhere, nowhere is off limits.” 


20th and 21st November: the port of Le Havre

Technical pre-checks and loading of the European competitors’ vehicles. A total of more than 700 vehicles from all categories

will take to the sea aboard the MV Grande Amburgo for the 21-day crossing.

30th and 31st December: Euroamerica Port

The arrival of the Dakar! Vehicles which have travelled from Le Havre will be picked up at the Euroamerica Port, close to

Buenos Aires.

1st, 2nd and the morning of 3rd January: “TECNOPOLIS”

Happy New Year! Just a few hours after midnight, the first competitors and their race and assistance vehicles will complete

administrative and technical formalities at the Tecnopolis, the big exhibition centre to the north-east of Buenos Aires.

The South American competitors are expected first, on the morning of 1st January.

3rd January: Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires

A huge crowd is expected outside “La Casa Rosada”, the presidential palace, to cheer on the competitors on the start

podium, between 3 pm and 10.30 pm.

4th January: Buenos Aires – Villa Carlos Paz

First stage of the race, first thrills… the Dakar has well and truly begun.

10th and 12th January: Iquique, rest for the marathon participants

The motorcycles and quad bikes will rest at Iquique on 10th January, followed by the cars and trucks on 12th January.

17th January: Arrival in Buenos Aires

The bravest competitors will celebrate the end of this extraordinary adventure at the Tecnopolis, surrounding by what is

expected to be a huge crowd.


Stage 1, Buenos Aires (ARG) – Villa Carlos Paz (ARG)

Motorcycles-quads: 838 km, special 175 km

Stage 2, Villa Carlos Paz (ARG) – San Juan (ARG)

Motorcycles-quads: 625 km,  special 518 km

Stage 3, San Juan (ARG) – Chilecito (ARG)

Motorcycles-quads: 657 km, special 220 km

Stage 4, Chilecito (ARG) – Copiapo (CHI)

Motorcycles-quads: 909 km, special 315 km

Stage 5, Copiapo (CHI) – Antofagasta (CHI)

Motorcycles-quads: 697 km, special 458 km.

Stage 6, Antofagasta (CHI) – Iquique (CHI)

Motorcycles-quads: 688 km, special 319 km

Rest Day

Stage 7, Iquique (CHI) – Uyuni (BOL)

Motorcycles-quads: 717 km, special 321 km

Stage 8, Uyuni (BOL) – Iquique (CHI)

Motorcycles-quads: 805 km, special  781 km

Stage 9, Iquique (CHI) – Calama (CHI)

Motorcycles-quads: 539 km, special 451 km

Stage 10, Calama (CHI) – Salta (ARG)

Motorcycles-quads: 891 km, special 371 km

Stage 11, Salta (ARG) – Termas Río Hondo (ARG)

Motorcycles-quads:512 km, special 351 km

Stage 12, Termas Río Hondo (ARG) – Rosario (ARG)

Motorcycles-quads: 1.024 km, special 298 km

Stage 13, Rosario (ARG) – Buenos Aires (ARG)

Motorcycles-quads:393 km, special 174 km


Motorcycles-quads: 9.295 km, special 4.752 km