Rosa Romero

Spirit champion for dakar

Rosa Romero: “I’ve been trapped overnight at 4,000 meters with no food and water in the Dakar Rally”.

Nani Roma’s wife will be taking part in the Dakar Rally for the fourth time and this year hopes to finish as part of the HIMOINSA Team.

Rosa is a mother of three and a telecoms technical engineer, although her real passion is motor sport. Rosa and her husband Nani Roma (two times Dakar winner) are one of the most loved and respected couples in sport. By day Rosa works for Naniracing and the Nani Roma Foundation. “It’s complicated. Nani’s a pro and I have to make sure I race separately to him and don’t affect his chances. It’s always been more of a disadvantage than an advantage, although he’s always tried to make sure I can take part in the Rally. This year he’s very happy that I’ve been able to join the HIMOINSA Team”.

She took part in her first Dakar in 2006 having idolised the Dakar riders since she was a young girl. But despite all her hard work, she has not made it to the finish line after three attempts. Dakar 2015 presents a new challenge for Rosa as a member of the new Spanish team, HIMOINSA Team. Her aim is clear: to finish on the podium and become the third Spanish woman in history to do so. “Dakar is a race where experience from previous years counts. Normally you think luck is the determining factor, but when you have to pullout, you analyse it coldly and you can see clearly where you’ve failed. I know what I needed to change for this edition and what I wanted to do differently. Just being part of the HIMOINSA Team, and especially being alongside Miguel Puertas and Antonio Gimeno, means I’ve achieved my aim”.

For the majority of amateur drivers just being able to raise enough resources to take part is a success. Rosa also has to balance her family, her job and her passion. “I’m an amateur, I have three children and I also work. I try to combine my hobby, training and being a mother, that’s the most complicated part. This means I have to be well-organised so I have time to be with my kids who are at that age where they really need their parents. I also try to find time for myself, if I don’t train then there’s no race”.

In the previous three editions Rosa also faced some extreme survival challenges. “The hardest part is having to abandon the race. So much happened to me last year, such as being trapped overnight at 4,000 meters with no food or water. That was really tough”.