Promotional video

Filmed in Southeast Africa.

After deciding to put together HIMOINSA Team, one of the first issues was to film a promotional video to present the team and its riders, while conveying the philosophy, values and modus operandi HIMOINSA Team wanted to transmit to the rest of the world.

HIMOINSA Team’s communication department started writing an audio-visual script that reflected the Non Stop energy of the riders competing in the gruelling race, as well as that of HIMOINSA as a company and its product range. “I wanted to divide the spot up into two parts. With the first, I wanted to illustrate each rider’s preliminary and internal concentration and meditation before taking part in the Dakar race. And with the second, I wanted to show the riders as a team. Through action, this part should show how tough it is to compete in a rally raid, in which they have to focus on driving and navigating at the same time” said Fran Sáez, the team’s press officer.  The choice of music was based on the different rhythm each part should have. In the end, an epic style was selected to mesh with the pictures used in the video.

For filming, the choice of venue was based on finding a rich landscape that was typical of rally raid. In the end, the decision was taken to go to Southeast Africa all the way to Hassilabied, near Merzouga, in Morocco. The Erg Chebbi dunes, the black desert and its environs provided the perfect backdrop. It is also the most popular place for motards to prepare for the Dakar. “The worst part was the dust and sand, but it was a luxury to have Dakar riders star in the video. The biggest takeaway for me was spending time with the team, the colours of the desert, the riders’ hard work and my fellow sufferer, Fran, who helped me through it all” said César Sánchez, a cameraman from audio-visual production company Séis70 when asked about his experience filming a presentation viedo for the Dakar team.

The final product was unveiled during HIMOINSA’s official presentation. Those who missed the event were able see the video on our web page, social networks or YouTube.