Farrés on the gas

  • Another difficult stage with storms and uncertainty
  • Great stage for Gerard Farres, who finished eighth
  • Cervantes continues to learn from Dakar’s best riders and consolidates his spot among them.


STAGE 4 – 01/06/2015
Termas de Río Hondo – JUJUY
Total: 664 km / SS: 314 km
Storms are willing to be 2016 Dakar’s main character, complicating the situation for riders and their teams. The third stage of the rally was once more full of uncertainty caused by the weather, and again had to be cut down by the organization by 124 kilometers, making the timed stage barely 200 kilometers long. This was still enough to put the leaders’ fitness to test and, in the case of the HIMOINSA Racing Team, to see how Gerard Farres regained confidence on his KTM and placed himself within the top ten in all checkpoints, achieving a precious eighth place at the finish line. Gerard was very pleased: “Today was worlds apart from yesterday, the bike was running much better and I felt much more comfortable. It was a short stage, similar to yesterday and with rain at the end, which complicated things. ”

Ivan Cervantes, in his adaptation to the toughest race in the world, still is far from losing sight of the leaders and his twentieth place at the finish keeps his options intact and sets him as one of the revelations in the race, “today was more complicated, I wasn’t feeling as good as yesterday and I decided to take it calmly, so I rode conservative, gradually increasing the pace. It took me a while to adapt because the tracks were narrow and winding, but I’m happy to still be up there.” Ivan is now in 16th at being overtaken by two competitors, one of them being Farres, who is now 12th.

The HIMOINSA Racing Team’s third man, Antonio Gimeno is still riding a solid rally, avoiding setbacks, fighting riders with more track record and staying among the fifty fastest men in the 2016 Dakar: “I took it steady because I had trouble turning on stony ground, but I can´t complain, no crashes, so bring on the next one.” Meanwhile, Dani Oliveras and Rosa Romero remain put to their goal of finishing the rally and by Jujuy they have completed another handful of kilometers in a more than worthy performance.

Tonight the mechanics will be hard at work to thoroughly revise and set up the bikes for the upcoming marathon stages in which contestants will face two days without external assistance and the HIMOINSA Racing Team KTMs will sleep in the closed park.

Stage classification:
1-BARREDA 2:30:37
2-BENAVIDES +00: 26
3-GONCALVES +00: 52
8-FARRÉS +02 12
20-CERVANTES +04: 21
44-GIMENO +12 01
100-ROMERO FONT +30: 45
106-OLIVERAS +35: 46

General Rating:
1-BARREDA 6:26:50
2-SVITKO +00: 14
3-BENAVIDES +00: 48
12-FARRÉS 12, +07: 39
16-CERVANTES +09: 33
42-GIMENO +30: 45
91-ROMERO +01: 23: 54
92-OLIVERAS +01: 24: 18


Tomorrow’s stage
STEP 4 – 01/06/2015
Jujuy – Jujuy
Total: 629 km / SS: 429 km

Complications arrive
With its start and finish line in the town of Jujuy, this stage really starts to complicate things for the Dakar riders. At 3,500 meters above sea level, on stony and sandy terrain and with many kilometers already on their backs, the fourth stage could end any riders’ strive for gold. In addition, it marks the beginning of a marathon stage, meaning the bikes will be obliged to spend the night in the closed park.

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