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The HIMOINSA Team returned exultant from its great performance in the Dakar 2018



  • After the podium ceremony and the celebrations in Córdoba, today they leave for Spain.
  • The riders will arrive at the Barcelona airport on Monday at 9:15 h. (IB0800).
  • The Dakar surrenders to the global success of a private and modest structure.


Córdoba (Argentina).- Gerard Farrés took a video of himself on his phone as he turned so that his followers could enjoy the festive atmosphere that surrounded him. One by one he approached all his teammates, presented them to the camera and highlighted their virtues as riders and as people. On the other side of the device, hundreds of fans laughed and shared the Manresan’s joy with the whole red team; Farreti cheered them on one by one at the top of his voice, all the friends who congratulated him. He needed to release the tension from these two incredibly tough weeks and take in the warmth of all his supporters, so distant, yet so close.

He enjoyed himself for several minutes, until Miguel Puertas prompted him to put aside the social networks and put his helmet back on because they were late for Dakar 2018’s final podium ceremony.

On a hot Argentinian night, hundreds of fans paid tribute to each and every one of the surviving warriors of the toughest motorsports event celebrated nowadays. The champions received glory in their own right, as Matthias Walkner and Carlos Sainz were crowned. Congratulations! Finally, the Rally’s whole caravan tipped their hat off to a team that has made history in recent years, standing up to the powerful factory structures, managing to overcome all adversities with amazing reliability, and above all, conveying the values that define the HIMOINSA Team: effort, solidarity and camaraderie. #FightingTogether is the battle cry of a formation that has stood out on and off the track for its team spirit.

Absent was Rosa Romero, who a few days back had to leave Argentina because of an unfortunate cut to her leg caused by the navigation instruments of her motorcycle. Of course, all the teammates mentioned her in their interviews as the only “blemish” in their summary of a Dakar which has left a rather sweet taste for the team behind Miguel Puertas.

Gerard Farrés says farewell to Dakar as a motorcycle rider and does so with the satisfaction which an honest sportsman deserves, a man who always gives his best effort and who stands up to adverse situations to be among the best on a daily basis: “I am very happy, we put it all on the line, we fought from beginning to end despite being aware of our limitations, we have overcome all the difficulties to reach the finish line and do it within the top five. This shows that last year’s third place last year was no coincidence and that we have been capable as a team to face Dakar’ best.”

Dani Oliveras, the “Coyote”, hugged his mechanic celebrating his sudden appearance among the cream of the crop. One of the revelation riders of the rally, benefitting from his trials background, playing a key role in the technical development of the motorcycles, and fast like few others, Dani uncovered his potential as a serious candidate for the honorary positions in future editions: “After several years of tackling diverse specific missions within the team, this year I was able to ride my own race and I am ecstatic with the result. I have learned the secrets of Dakar with this great team, to know when to push and when to conserve, holding the perfect pace and the cold headed navigation to be competitive.”

In a race where more than twenty riders were technically capable of fighting for victory, with a good handful of enduro and motocross world champions and several Dakar winners, Iván Cervantes is still an institution, and he was also happy even if the result is not what he expected: “I am very happy because this is the hardest Dakar I have raced, at first because of the fever that made me have a horrible time, then due to the crash that affected me throughout the rally and in the end because of that rear wheel breakdown which almost sent me home. That’s why when you overcome everything and you know what it took, reaching the finish line is a victory of its own… That is the beauty of this race.”

Finally, Marc Solà embraced Miguel Puertas, showing his gratitude for his trust in him as the latest addition to the team, and Miguel congratulated him for having done such a good job and having overcome all the setbacks: “It was a very hard rally, in all three countries we found incredibly challenging stages which we have still managed to finish. For me it was complicated since my crash in the marathon stage, but in the end fighting through the pain we have achieved the goal. It is not the same without Rosa, but this success is as much mine as it is a collective effort.”

The team will travel to Spain tonight, and the riders will land at the Barcelona airport tomorrow, Monday at 9:15. There, the media, supporters and of course their families await them, eager to embrace the victorious warriors. Congratulations Himoinsa Team!


Final Classification

1st M. Walkner (46: 06.01)

2nd K. Benavides (+16.53)

3rd T. Price (+23: 01)

5th Gerard Farrés (+1: 01.04)

9th Dani Oliveras (+2: 37.20)

19th Marc Solà (+5: 37.59)

29th Iván Cervantes (+9: 42.54)

*** Rosa Romero (DNF)



• This is some of the team’s data and the approximate resources used during these two weeks of racing.


14 Members

5 Riders

2 Trucks

1 Support Vehicle

5 KTM Bikes

Resources and Data

105 Litres of bike Engine Oil

392 Competition Tires

25 Brake pad sets

15 External Transmission sets

15 Clutches (for security)

70 Air Filters

15 Brake Discs

24 Rims

3.000 Zip ties

6.480 Litres of Vehicle Diesel

4.950 Litres of bike Gasoline

50 De-greasant bottles

1 Pallet of energy drinks

1.500 Litres of Water daily

196 HRT T-Shirts

35 Kilos of Pasta and Quinoa

2 Litres of Massaging Lotion

165 Hours of Assistance displacements

60 Hours of sleep in 15 days


* This is the year in which less spare have been used due to the shortage of crashes.

High resolution photographs of the race: DAKAR 2018 – Action Photos



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HIMOINSA Team Media House


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HIMOINSA Team tops off a great Dakar

 STAGE 14: CÓRDOBA – CÓRDOBA (Special: 119 km – Total: 284 km)


  • Gerard Farrés puts an end to his Dakar farewell as the best Spanish motorcycle (fifth in the overall).
  • Dani Oliveras shines in the last stage (fourth) and puts an exclamation point to a great rally with a ninth place in the rankings.
  • Marc Solà and Iván Cervantes improve in the final phase and put the finishing touch to the team’s performance.


Córdoba (Argentina). The 2018 Dakar rally, one of the toughest held in recent years, concluded with a masterful performance by the Himoinsa team, cementing once again its status as the best private squad in the world, as well as the best Spanish team in the most demanding race on the planet. Four of the five components making up the red formation have achieved the goal of finishing the race and they have done so in impressive fashion, placing two of its components within the top ten and the complete team inside the top 30.

Gerard Farrés, in his last Dakar as a motorcycle racer, has put a finishing touch on his career with a great performance that has allowed him to fight with the best, to challenge the factory motorcycles day after day and make use of his experience, his serenity and his ability as a great navigator to finish the race in fifth position. In the final stage, where there was little at stake in the overall, Gerard held a good pace to finish seventh in the special and secure his position within the top five of the rankings. Farrés puts the cherry on top of his career as a legend in this category, a rider who in eleven participations has always stood out for his enormous consistency and, more importantly, his immense sportsmanship.

The last special offered little, but in Dakar there is always a chance for everything to go wrong, and that is why the Himoinsa Team riders tackled this last challenge with great responsibility. In fact, Dani Oliveras, the great revelation of this edition, was even fighting for the stage victory and, in the end, achieved a worthy fourth place as the best Spaniard, which allowed him to secure his ninth position, which he fought hard for during these two weeks. Also Marc Solà, still in pain after his crash in the marathon stage, pushed hard to secure his spot inside the top twenty and achieved a great result, 12th in the special, which speaks clearly of his potential. Iván Cervantes was also happy, the multiple time Enduro World Champion has struggled in this Dakar like everybody else, and in the end had his own taste of personal success in this incredible squadron led by Miguel Puertas.

The 2018 Dakar is over, the exhausted Himoinsa Team riders embraced the finish line celebrating the new success of a team that has made history in the toughest race in the world. Aside of its amazing results, these last few years the team has been an ambassador of the values of effort, enthusiasm and sportsmanship which have always been the signature of this race and this team.


Gerard Farrés: “We have worked really hard throughout the year, last year did not come easily, butt the whole Himoinsa Team, Miguel and everybody have believed in us and we have shown that the work has paid off, I am very happy with what we have achieved in this Dakar, in a private team, with other values, with great camaraderie and with all the riders here and with very good results … it is a real shame for Rosa.”

Dani Oliveras: “I pushed hard because I know I rode a good Dakar and I wanted to finish with a good stage so as not to lose any positions and stay ninth in the general. I did what I knew, I rode at a high pace but paying special attention to the rocks and the dust. There were cars in the way, but it was a good stage because I did not want Cornejo or Pedrero to pass me. I did a good job with the navigation, it went very well and I maintained a constant pace without risking more than necessary in a rally with a very high level, I finished with a great result.”

Marc Solà: “The last stage is always really tough, there was a lot of dust and I had to push to catch those in front, but it went well. I am very happy to finish such a hard rally, it makes me sad that Rosa is not here, but we are happy for the result of the whole team, we are going to enjoy our result as a reward to all the Himoinsa Team’s work, thank you very much team.”

Iván Cervantes: “In the beginning it was bad, with a fever, with a crash and with some mechanical problems, but we have overcome everything and in the hardest Dakar that I have ever raced, I am here across the finish line with a great performance by the whole team. I want to appreciate all the effort, trust and brotherhood of this Himoinsa – KTM team and all those who have worked for it.”

Stage Classification

1st Kevin Benavides, 1:26:41

2nd Toby Price, at 00:54

3rd Antoine Meo, at 02:49

4th Daniel Oliveras, at 03:25

7th Gerard Farrés, at 05:23

12th Marc Solá, at 11:32

24th Iván Cervantes, at 13:55


General Classification

1st Matthias Walkner, 43:06:01

2nd Kevin Benavides, at 16:53

3rd Toby Price, at 23:01

5th Gerard Farrés, at 1:01:04

9th Daniel Oliveras, at 2:37:20

19th Marc Solà, at 5:37:59

29th Iván Cervantes, at 9:42:54


Fotografías de la prueba en Alta resolución: DAKAR 2018 – Action Photos




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HIMOINSA Team Media House


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Farrés hangs on after almost giving up in the penultimate stage

STAGE 13: SAN JUAN – CÓRDOBA (Special: 423 km – Total: 904 km)


  • Gerard Farrés sustained a crash just 25 kilómeters away from the special’s finish line, causing him to lose all his fuel, but manages to stay in the race and solidify his fifth position as the best Spanish motorcycle rider in his final Dakar.
  • Dani Oliveras caps off his performance by sneaking into the Top 10 overall.
  • Marc Solà painfully manages to put himself among the 20 best.


Belén (Argentina). The penultimate stage of the toughest rally in the world was called to be the last chance for the candidates to attack their rivals for a decent chance at gaining time. A seemingly transitionary stage after the countless kilometers and difficulties that have been endured this year by the riders, turned out to be another long day with more than 900 kilometers (424 of them making up the two special stages) where the unknown variables in the standings were clarified, and little was left to solve for the final stage in Cordoba.

Gerard Farrés knew that the cancellation of the stage of Fiambalá took down most of his chances of gettinig on the podium, because without complicated navigation and on fast tracks, the official bikes had a clear advantage. That’s why the Catalan did not go crazy, he chose a tire that would safely make it through the stage to avoid the extra risk, but still rode to his fullest potential. In the first part of the race he rode with Aubert and the dust slowed him down slightly. Farrés spent the entire day in the top six, until he reached the last stretch, where he suffered a crash, damaged the tank and lost all his gasoline. Luckily, he managed to get some fuel from a spectator’s car to be able to continue in the race and get to Córdoba, although all this made him lose several minutes. Consequently, Gerard gives up a position to Antoine Meo, but ensures his position in the Top 5 at Cordoba as the best Spanish rider on a motorcycle.

The rally’s last big drama was suffered by the Honda team with Ricky Brabec’s withdrawal after his engine caught fire, this and Cornejo stopping to help him favored several riders who advanced positions in the general. One of the beneficiaries was the HIMOINSA Team rider, Dani Oliveras, who is rewarded for his perseverance and good work in the race by entering the Top 10 on his own right.

Marc Solà, still hurting after his crash in the marathon stage, suffered a lot in the stage without being able to ride at his best, but even so he set very good times, which prove the potential of the Catalanrider. Iván Cervantes, who after his wheel issue in the previous stage started in the back of the pack, had to make a comeback during the whole special. “Torito” overtook dozens of motorcycles and quads, with the difficulty and the extra danger of riding through a huge dust cloud.

Gerard Farrés: “Aubert overtook me, but afterwards he lost some ground and I passed him again, but in a slight navigation hiccup in a crossroad, he passed me again and then I had to slow down through the dust. 25 kilometers from the finish line, I crashed and lost all my fuel, but luckily I was able to ask a few spectators who were close by with a car and I was able to reach the finish line, so I am happy because today we could have lost everything and, nevertheless, we are already in Córdoba for the last stage”

Iván Cervantes: “I hadn’t swallowed so much dust in my entire life, the worst part was getting past the quads with so much dust, I had to go very slowly waiting for a more open area to be able to pass because there were also many of us doing this. At one point, I was overtaking a bike and our handlebars connected and I crashed. Despite the hardships, I am enjoying myself during this final part of the rally.”

Marc Solà: “I had a strong pain in my groin when I sat down, I was even shouting at some points, my neck hurt, and I was unable to even sneeze with the dust… Even so, I was riding fast, I caught a lot of people and I felt comfortable in a very bumpy stage full of fesh-fesh, we were bouncing around the whole way, it was really fun riding.”

Classification: Stage 13

1st T. Price (4: 48.33)

2nd K. Benavides (+2.03)

3rd A. Meo (+2.44)

10th Gerard Farrés (+23.34)

11th Dani Oliveras (+24.52)

17th Marc Solà (+36.30)

24th Iván Cervantes (+48.55)


General ranking

1st M. Walkner (41: 33.41)

2nd K. Benavides (+22.31)

3rd T. Price (+27: 45)

5th Gerard Farrés (+1: 01.19)

9th Dani Oliveras (+2: 39.33)

20th Marc Solà (+5: 32.05)

29th Ivan Cervantes (+9: 34.37)


Next stage: Cordoba – Córdoba
High resolutionPhotographs of the event: DAKAR 2018 – Action Photos



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HIMOINSA Team Media House


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One less chance to put up a fight

STAGE 12: FIAMBALÁ/CHILECITO – SAN JUAN (Special: 375 km – Total: 722 km) – CANCELLED

  • The cancellation of the Fiambalá timed special takes down Dakar 2018’s last great challenge.
  •  Farrés faces the last two stages in a fight for third position with the factory KTMs of Price and Meo.
  •  While Rosa Romero returns to Spain, the other four components of the Himoinsa Team are still in the race.
  •  Rosa Romero will land in El Prat airport tomorrow, January 19th, at 16.30pm


Dakar is a survival race in which the participants, in addition to driving on the hardest terrain in the world, must adapt day after day to the challenges of the weather, nature, regulation and organization. As it has been usual in recent years, a stage cancellation has altered this final stretch of the event and leaves the general classification almost fully decided with just two stages to go, which will in theory be more bearable. What was expected to be the final “hell” of this rally in the dreaded dunes of Fiambalá was finally canceled for the motorcycle and quad category after a meeting between organizers and competitors in the camp. The survivors of Dakar 2018 expressed the danger that leaving all the bikes behind cars and trucks entailed,  due to the deterioration of the terrain, the rocks hidden under the sand, ruts and other obstacles that compromise the integrity of the riders, who had also just completed the first half of the marathon stage, without having received assistance in the camp. Consequently, the 87 motorcycles that remain in the race tackled a long liaison towards San Juan, where tomorrow they will confront the penultimate stage of this 2018 edition.


In these circumstances in which security and logistics prevailed, some of the contenders were more benefited and others were harmed. In the case of the Himoinsa Team, Gerard Farrés lost a clear opportunity to get back on the podium due to this incident. The experienced Catalan rider has always stood out in adverse conditions, excels in the more complicated stages and is a master of navigation, something he wanted to take advantage of in his fight to get on the box, in front of the very fast factory riders who could struggle in Fiambalá. In fact, Miguel Puertas had a plan for the day: “We have to ride with all our focus set towards navigation, Gerard will start sixth with all his rivals in front and must be focused waiting for one of them to make a mistake, which is a very possible outcome in this kind of terrain.” Without that opportunity and with two stages of fast tracks ahead, Gerard’s options to put a new finishing touch to his career are reduced, which nevertheless does not spoil the great Dakar he is having.


For Dani Oliveras, tired but already recovered from the altitude sickness that made him struggle in Bolivia, the stage was going to be a good opportunity to try to sneak into the race’s Top 10, something which is still in his reach in this rally which has always managed to surprise even the more experienced riders. The other two components of the Himoinsa Team did smile when they heard of the cancellation; Marc Solá because he had suffered a spectacular crash in the previous day, and was sore and exhausted, and Ivan Cervantes because he had struggled to barely make it to the camp after he damaged his rear wheel during the stage.


Gerard Farrés: “It has been decided that the stage will be cancelled for our safety, and this decision is the same for everyone. It is true that we lose an opportunity to try to improve the classification, but there are still kilometers to be covered in this Dakar, and it is necessary to be ready for every day without relaxing, so we will stay on the gas these two last days. We are all very tired because, although there was no special we have spent the whole day on the bike and at this point our bodies are truly exhausted.


General classification

1st Matthias Walkner, 36:33:37

2nd Kevin Benavides at 32:00

3rd Toby Price at 39:17

4th Gerard Farrés at 49:17

11th Dani Oliveras at 2:26:13

21st Marc Solà at 5:07:07

30º Iván Cervantes at 9:01:14



Next stage: San Juan de Marcona – San Juan de Marcona (Special: 330 km – Total: 444 km)



Photos: DAKAR 2018 – Action Photos




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HIMOINSA Team Media House


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Farrés unstoppable

 STAGE 11: BELÉN – FIAMBALÁ/CHILECITO (Special: 280 km – Total: 484 km)

-In yet another challenging day, Gerard manages to get back among the best (sixth).

-The leader of the Himoinsa Team is the only Spaniard with options in the motorcycle category.

-Oliveras and Solá also have a solid finish in the first half of the marathon stage.


When Gerard Farrés announced before starting the 2018 Dakar Rally that this would be his last participation in the motorcycle category, many thought that this announcement could put a halt to the Catalan’s performance and aspirations, this has turned out to be far from true. In an old school Dakar, just like they were in Africa, with complicated dunes and navigation, the toughest race in the world is keeping everyone on their toes and that means that Gerard Farrés always has a place among the best.

As it happened in the early stages of Peru and practically in all stages, the layout of this rally is unforgiving, and the arrival of the feared dunes of Fiambalá in Argentina have caused huge upsets in the classification. The fastest riders have their backs against the wall, the least experienced are lost in the desert. In these extreme conditions it seems like the old fox of the desert,called Gerard Farrés, never fails to impress.

In the first of the two days of this new marathon stage (only for the motorcycles), Farrés, motivated by his ascent in the general classification on the previous day, went on the attack and fought a nice duel against the chrono during all the day, in front of the KTM and Honda’s factory riders, among which he sneaks into every day. The race format was somewhat altered because the ten best cars of Tuesday’s stage were interspersed with the ten best bikes, with Gerard starting just behind Cyril Despres and in front of Terranova.

While Quintanilla struggled losing a good handful of minutes, or Barreda, exhausted, abandoned the race and Svitko did not even start, the Himoinsa’s red KTMs shone again and got into the fight with Price, Benavides, Meo, Brabec and Walkner, to finish in a meritorious sixth place, with few lost minutes, mechanically and morally well prepared for the second part of the marathon stage which could be decisive in Dakar 2018. Gerard holds on to the fourth position in the Rally and is the best Spaniard on a motorcycle.

On this day, which had started in a sad way for the team due to the withdrawal of Rosa Romero due to that unfortunate cut in the leg suffered in the previous stage, Dani Oliveras, continued to solidify himself as the revelation rider. Marc Solá also shows that he is a tough man and also reached the finish in a well deserved 26th position. The riders will sleep with their bikes, but without assistance, in the Chilecito camp and tomorrow will face what may be the Dakar’s last great challenge.

Gerard Farrés: “I’m happy, today the goal was to avoid bike problems because tonight we do not have mechanics. Beside that, I was able to ride at the leader’s pace and maintain my position in the overall”.

Classification – Stage

1º Toby Price, 4:01:33

2º Kevin Benavides a 1:38

3º Antoine Meo a 6:31

6º Gerard Farrés a 12:32

15º Dani Oliveras a 40:44

Iván Cervantes

Marc Solà

Classification general

1º Matthias Walkner, 36:33:37

2º Kevin Benavides a 32:00

3º Toby Price a 39:17

4º Gerard Farrés a 49:17

11º Dani Oliveras a 2:26:13

Iván Cervantes

Marc Solà

Next stage: Fiambalá/Chilecito – San Juan (Special: 375 km – Total: 722 km

Photos: DAKAR 2018 – Action Photos


A dangerous wound forces Rosa Romero to withdraw from Dakar


  • The HIMOINSA Team rider is forced to withdraw from the race after completing 140 kilometers of yesterday’s stage with a wound to her left groin, due to which she lost a considerable ammount of blood.

Belén (Argentina). The toughest and most difficult Dakar in the event’s 40-year history was not an obstacle to Rosa Romero’s strength and honor. She had not only completed a perfect race, but was in an excellent 66th position in the standings after having overcome complicated days both physically and mentally.

However, yesterday, in the tenth stage, at the start of the second part of the special, it all went wrong for the HIMOINSA Team rider in one of the most difficult areas of the race. Just 700 meters from the start and near where many pilots got lost during the day, Rosa Romero rode through a section full of ruts and with poor visibility, where a rock caused her to crash hard. The rider was able to recover and pick up the bike, but one of the metal parts of her KTM’s cockpit (the edge of the GPS support) put a deep cut in her left leg, perforating through the pants and the protective gear at groin height, very close to the femoral vein.

Far from giving up, the rider got back on the bike and completed the nearly 140 kilometers left until reaching the finish line, making her way through the desert’s night withstanding the pain. After a total of almost 9 hours of special, Rosa Romero appeared at the HIMOINSA Team bivouac with her seat completely covered with blood and a very dangerous wound that needed eight stitches in the race’s medical center. However, the rider went to rest convinced to take the start in today’s stage, the first part of the marathon between Belén and Chilecito. However, the mandatory medical examination in the morning recommended that the Spanish rider stopped racing to avoid the risk of having the wound reappear even more gravely. Sad and frustrated, Rosa Romero is forced to abandon a Dakar in which she was once again one of the great heroes of the toughest race in the world.

Rosa Romero will return to Spain in the next few hours to recover. All of the HIMOINSA Team members send their support and wish her a quick recovery, thanking her for the effort and camaraderie and, above all, show great respect for the courage, strength and determination she showed during the 10 stages she completed without making a single mistake.

Rosa Romero (@rosaromerofont): “There were barely two hours of light left and I had more than 140 kilometers to go until the finish line. I knew that I was in a very complicated area and I did not want it to happen at night. But at a river crossing, just at the beginning of the second special, everything was full of ruts and I looked away for a moment from the track to check the roadbook and make sure I chose the right way. At that moment I hit a stone and was sent flying through the air. After the hit I was a little dazed. When I recovered, I saw that my pants were all ripped and that the inside of my left leg hurt a lot. But I got on the bike because I wanted to reach the finish line. As I kept riding I noticed how the blood was coming down my leg. I considered asking for medical assistance, but I did not want to stop, I wanted to reach the finish line or ride until my body said stop. And I did it, I finished the stage, but when we saw the wound in the camp it was clear that it was not going to be easy to be allowed to continue. It’s a shame, it makes me really angry because I was holding on to this difficult and beautiful Dakar and I was sure that I would be able to get to Córdoba.”



Classification: Stage 10

1st M. Walkner (4: 52.26)

2nd P. Quintanilla (+11.35)

3rd Gerard Farrés (+16.21)

8th Dani Oliveras (+25.25)

17th Marc Solà (+41.36)

24th Iván Cervantes (+56.01)

63rd Rosa Romero (+4: 04.09)


General classification

1st M. Walkner (32: 21.03)

2nd J. Barreda (+39.42)

3rd K. Benavides (+41: 23)

4th Gerard Farrés (+47.46)

13th Dani Oliveras (+1: 56.30)

21st Marc Solà (+04: 04.04)

25th Iván Cervantes (+05: 21.03)

66th Rosa Romero (+18: 49.44)


Next stage: Belén – Chilecito

High resolution photographs of the race: DAKAR 2018 – Action Photos



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HIMOINSA Team Media House


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Gerard Farrés makes the most of the great Argentinian trap

 STAGE 7: LA PAZ – UYUNI (Special: 373 km – Total: 797)


  • The HIMOINSA Team leader shocks the race after Dakar 2018’s most complex stage, and gets straight into the fight for the podium.

Belén (Argentina). After the transitionary day which took the Dakar caravan from Bolivia to Argentina, the race was resumed with one of the most complex stages in this 40th edition of the toughest motorsports event in the world.

Extreme navigation and some treacherous terrain has caused a true revolution among all the favorites. A scenario in which experience and impeccable technique allowed Gerard Farrés to shine bright and ride an exceptional stage. Despite struggling during the first part of the special to keep up with the very high pace of the official motorcycles, has applied all his knowledge in navigation and as well as the aeronautical techniques he was taught by the team director, Lieutenant Colonel of the Air Force, Miguel Puertas, to finish third on the day and take a giant leap in the general classification climbing up to fourth position.

Like Farrés, the rest of the HIMOINSA Team riders stood out in this very complicated stage, with Dani Oliveras in eighth position, Marc Solà, sixteenth and Iván Cervantes in 24th place. Meanwhile, Rosa Romero continues unstoppable quest towards Córdoba’s finish line and has completed a new stage.

Gerard Farrés (@gerardfarres): “It was a very complicated day and from the beginning I knew that it was going to take a lot of work to keep up with the factory bikes. However, I stayed calm and tried to manage my race, blindly trusting in my navigation and applying everything I have learned with our director, Miguel Puertas, including orientation techniques used by fighter pilots to navigate through clouds. This technique, when it was very difficult to read the terrain, has helped me enormously to reach the finish line without making any mistakes. I am very happy to enter the fight for the podium, but still nothing is decided and there are still very complicated days ahead.”

Classification: Stage 10 (provisional *)

1st M. Walkner (4: 52.26)

2nd P. Quintanilla (+11.35)

3rd Gerard Farrés (+16.21)

8th Dani Oliveras (+25.25)

17th Marc Solà (+41.36)

24th Iván Cervantes (+56.01)

*** Rosa Romero (pending arrival to finish)


General Classification (provisional *)

1st M. Walkner (32: 21.03)

2nd J. Barreda (+39.42)

3rd K. Benavides (+41: 23)

4th Gerard Farrés (+47.46)

13th Dani Oliveras (+1: 56.30)

21st Marc Solà (+04: 04.04)

25th Iván Cervantes (+05: 21.03)

*** Rosa Romero (pending arrival to finish)


Next stage: Belén – Chilecito

High Resolution Photographs of the stage: DAKAR 2018 – Action Photos


Fotografías en alta resolución de libre distribución:

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HIMOINSA Team Media House


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The Assistance Teams: Dakar’s Warriors

  • They are Dakar’s untold story, and their role is key for the riders to be on the starting line day after day. Today we present the HIMOINSA Racing Team’s Assistance team, The true warriors of Dakar.

Salta (Argentina).  Their work is not featured on television, nor are they famous for their achievements in Dakar, but… who makes sure that the bikes work every day for two weeks of extreme racing? The assistance teams work 24 hours a day to make sure everything is ready.

The Assistance Team’s behind the scenes work is one of the fundamental pillars of Dakar. The HIMOINSA Team has top notch assistance, mechanics of the highest level prepared to assist riders on arrival at the camp in any circumstance. They are also complemented by a 6×6 assistance truck, a 4×4 motorhome truck, a motorhome and a press vehicle.

But… what is the daily routine of an Assistance team in Dakar?

A team crew’s work in Dakar never ends. Operative 24 hours a day, they endure the two weeks of racing like real titans. This is the daily routine at the HIMOINSA Racing Team:

04.00h: The alarm goes off. The mechanics come out of their tents. Some of them make use the roof of the assistance truck as an improvised bedroom, trying to have some privacy and get away from the noise of the generators and engines.

04.30h: The riders’ motorcycles start to be checked up to ensure that everything is OK and give the final touches. The crew proceeds to disasemble the campsite: tents, electricity, tables, tools …

05.00h: Depending on the stage, this is the approximate time of departure for the first rider. The five HIMOINSA riders have their departure time set from the previous day. As they leave, the assistance is dismantled.

06.00h: With everything packed up, the assistance leaves the bivouac on its way to the next camp. This route varies depending on the stages, but ranges from 6 to 12 hours of driving in this edition. The trucks are limited to 90km/h and the cars and motorhomes to 110km/h. During the refueling, breakfast is served, and the vehicles are loaded with water and diesel fuel. Normally, driving turns are carried out while the co-driver takes the opportunity to rest. On the road, the stage is followed via the internet, watching the passing of the riders through the different points of the day’s route.

14.00h: The HIMOINSA Team trucks and motorhome arrive at the next Bivouac. A commissaire tells them where to park for the day. The aim is to be near “The Central” where the briefing is held, and also close to the Michelin tent, to change the tires, 10 each day.

15.30h The assembly of the assistance facility is finished: open truck, 5 tents, 5 roofs, tools ready for work, spare parts outside the truck… all set! If there is any time before the arrival of the riders, the mechanics take the opportunity to eat in the Bivouac’s dining room.

16.00h: The first motorcycle arrives, crunch time! First things first: the KTMs are thoroughly washed. Next, the big task begins: oil, air filter, tires, brake pads, chain … Everything is checked so that the rider leaves the next day with the best odds. Some partss are sealed so that it is not possible to replace them without receiving a penalty, as is the case with the engine.

Little by little the other components of the HIMOINSA Team arrive and the assistance kicks in yet another gear to get over this huge workload.

If a motorcycle is damaged, the repair times are extended. In the truck, the team has all kinds of spare parts, and if any extra part is needed, the mechanics go to KTM, who supplies spare parts in each Bivouac.

9:00 pm: If everything went well, the first bike is ready, and the mechanic goes over a checklist to check that everything is in place.

9.30pm: Dinner time. The only moment of relaxation of the day.

10:00 pm: The dismantling of everything that is not essential for the morning begins, and it is packed in the truck.

23.00h: If there has not been any troublesome delay, it’s time to go to sleep. One more stage done… and one less stage remaining.



Gerard Farrés and Iván Cervantes’ solidarity pays back

  • The HIMOINSA Team riders are granted with a time bonus in return for stopping to assist injured riders during stage 8 between Uyuni and Tupiza.

Tupiza (Bolivia). During the second part of yesterday’s very hard marathon stage, many pilots suffered with problems, either from accidents or due to the physical exhaustion to which the toughness of this Dakar has subjected them.

When Gerard Farrés found Pablo Quintanilla with visible symptoms of an anxiety crisis, the leader of the HIMOINSA Team, accompanied by the Spanish debutant Jonathan Barragán, did not hesitate to stop, activating the emergency system and providing the Chilean rider with first aid care, although unfortunately, he was not able to continue the race.

Shortly after, it was Ivan Cervantes who came across another rider in distress. In this case, it was Spaniard Txomin Arana, who had just suffered a very strong accident in which his bike was split in two, while the rider suffered possible torn ligaments in the knee, a broken bone in the hand and a strong blow to the cervicals. Cervantes did not hesitate to stop to assist Arana, who finally had to be evacuated by helicopter to a hospital in La Paz.

Gestures of solidarity that are part of the true spirit of Dakar which, without the need to be written in any regulation, must be respected by all participants. This unwritten code was respected once again by both Gerard Farrés and Iván Cervantes, actions for which the organization has given them back the time they lost by assisting the respective riders.

Below is the Stage classification as well as the overall, updated witht he time bonus for both riders. Consequently, Farrés finishes the stage in ninth (+13.16) and Cervantes 25th position (+31.32), which allows him to enter the Top 30.

Gerard Farrés (@gerardfarres): “I came across Quintanilla and stopped to assist him. It looked like he had an anxiety attack, as he was very nervous. I lost some time in doing this, but when it comes to helping someone in trouble, time is the last thing to worry about. I’m glad he is okay.”

Iván Cervantes (@IvanCervantes25): “I was there to witness Txomin Arana’s crash and it was brutal, the bike was totally destroyed. Luckily, when I stopped to assist him he was conscious, he spoke and he reacted. It was a huge relief to see that it was nothing too serious when he was evacuated by the helicopter. These things affect you a lot mentally, when you get back on the bike and straight into racing again.”

Classification: Stage 8 (updated)

1st A. Meo (5: 24.01)

2nd R. Brabec (+01.08)

3rd T. Price (+02.45)

9th Gerard Farrés (+13.16) *

19th Dani Oliveras (+23.02)

25th Iván Cervantes (+31.32) *

29th Marc Solà (+33.13)

82nd Rosa Romero (+2: 54.45)


General Classification (updated)

1st A. Van Beveren (27: 22.13)

2nd K. Benavides (+00.22)

3rd M. Walkner (+06: 34)

9th Gerard Farrés (+37.59) *

16th Dani Oliveras (+1: 37.39)

25th Marc Solà (+3: 29.02)

29th Iván Cervantes (+4: 11.56) *

69th Rosa Romero (+14: 52.09)


* The stage and overall times have been updated after the bonus for Gerard Farrés and Iván Cervantes for assisting injured pilots was issued.


High resolution photographs of the event: DAKAR 2018 – Action Photos



The HIMOINSA Team survives Bolivia’s challenge and helps several injured riders

STAGE 8: UYUNI – TUPIZA (Special: 498 km – Total: 584)


• The HIMOINSA Team riders withstand the extreme duration of the marathon stage and solidifies its situation among the best.

• Gerard Farrés stops to assist rider Pablo Quintanilla and gives up some time, although he manages to defend his ninth position in the general standings.

• Dani Oliveras manages to hold the pace of the best despite having suffered altitude sickness for a long part of the day.

• Iván Cervantes also stops to help rider Txomin Arana, who suffered a serious accident in the race.


Tupiza (Bolivia). The second day of the great marathon stage at Bolivia is presented as one of the newest of this Dakar 2018. After the exhausting day yesterday, and after spending the night without technical assistance, the riders faced a 498 kilometers special, over the total 584 that they had to ride through in the day. All this with a very fast and complex route during which they reached more than 4,000 meters of altitude.

Without a doubt, a day in which suffering was the main ingredient and in which many things would happen, as has also been the case among the group of favorites, where it has once again been important for factory teams.

However, the HIMOINSA Team riders have ridden the stage with intelligence, managing well their energy and their bikes, both very punished after eight days of very high competition

Gerard Farrés has completed a great stage, although he has given up extra time to stop to help to Pablo Quintanilla, who had symptoms of an anxiety attack on the course.

For his part, Dani Oliveras has had altitude sickness during a part of the stage and that has forced him to lower his pace in many sections.

However, both have been able to defend their positions in the overall classification and remain ninth and sixteenth, respectively.

Shortly after, Iván Cervantes came across the very strong accident of rider Txomin Arana and stopped to help him until he was evacuated by the medical helicopter.

Completing the day, once again, enduring the extreme hardness of this Dakar, Marc Solá, who is also in the top 25 and Rosa Romero, riding without faults and overcoming all obstacles.

With all this, the HIMIOINSA team not only remains as the best private team of the race, but is the only one among the greats that has kept all its riders in the race.

Gerard Farrés (@gerardfarres): “I am very happy because at this stage of the rally, and with what has already happened, I believe that there is no fault, today I found Quintanilla sick and I stopped to help. He was very nervous, there we lost some time but it’s clear when it comes to helping someone in trouble. I’m glad he’s okay, and because of the result, we’re still in the top 10 and very regular. happy “.

Iván Cervantes (@ IvanCervantes25): “I’ve seen the crash of Txomin Arana and it was very strong, the bike was totally destroyed.” Luckily, when I stopped to attend him, he was conscious, he spoke and he reacted. It seemed very serious when he was evacuated by the helicopter. ”

Dani Oliveras (@ danioliveras_21): “I think we have just overcome the most difficult stages in Dakar so far, we knew that these days were going to be extremely hard and we tried to manage them well to get to Argentina in the best possible conditions. It was a fast stage, with lots of stretches to go with the gas thoroughly and without rest, but I started to get altitude sick and I had to slow down, but I’m happy with the result. ”

Marc Solà (@ marsola34): “We are exhausted. Yesterday, in the first part of the marathon stage, there were times when I had to slow down because I could not take more of the bike, and what we had now was an even worse. It has been very hard, in my case, almost 12 hours of special in total, plus the links, a huge beating in these two days in Bolivia, really happy the whole team got through in full and well classified in a great result “.


Classification: Stage 8 (provisional *)

1st A. Meo (5: 24.01)

2nd R. Brabec (+01.08)

3º T. Price (+02.45)

16th Gerard Farrés (+21.09) *

19th Dani Oliveras (+23.02)

28th Marc Solà (+33.13)

33rd Iván Cervantes (+48.09)

*** Rosa Romero (pending arrival to goal)


General Classification (provisional *)

1st A. Van Beveren (27: 22.13)

2nd K. Benavides (+00.22)

3rd M. Walkner (+06: 34)

9th Gerard Farrés (+45.52) *

16th Dani Oliveras (+1: 37.39)

25th Marc Solà (+3: 29.02)

31st Iván Cervantes (+4: 28.33)

*** Rosa Romero (pending arrival to Finish line)

* The stage and general classification times of Gerard Farrés can change if the organization returns the minutes that the rider has been attending Pablo Quintanilla

Next stage: Tupiza – Salta (the organization of the Dakar has confirmed this afternoon that this stage 9 is canceled, so the teams will go directly to Salta by road).

High resolution photographs of the stage: DAKAR 2018 – Action Photos




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