A well deserved rest

  • Great stage for Cervantes, seventh, and Farrés, eighth
  • The second half of the timed section was canceled due to storms
  • All team members continue climbing positions.
    Sage 7- 09.01.2016
    Uyuni (BOL) – Salta (ARG)
    Total: 793 km / SS: 353 km
    Ivan Cervantes said at the end of Friday’s long stage that he was looking forward to the day off on Sunday. Perhaps this is why the Tarragona native flew into the stage and quickly slipped into the fight for the top places, in the first half especially, still in Bolivia. So much so that he reached the border crossing to Argentina in seventh place, just ahead of his teammate, the unbreakable Gerard Farres. More than ever, the “Red Army” performed, leading the Spanish riders with a great ride.

    They were out of Uyuni, taking the start sign from Evo Morales himself, and had ridden dusty, fast tracks and dry river beds to reach the neutralized part at the Argentinian border. As predicted by the weather forecast, the expected storms rolled into the quickest and easiest part of the stage; It rained so much that several rivers overflowed onto the track, and the organization decided to suspend the race. Only thirty pilots had managed to reach the first checkpoint of the second part of the special when it was cancelled, and although they struggled on to the finish, the organization took the logical decision to count only the first part of the special. The remaining riders took an alternative route to the finish line.

    Ivan Cervantes was exultant: “I am very happy with the result, but even happier for having arrived to Salta and taking a day off, I’m exhausted. I felt very good on the bike and I liked the kind of terrain, so things have gone better. Of course, after the border, with the rain, it was torture.”

    Gerard Farres was also positive: “I rode another progressive stage and got to the neutralization riding well and with confidence, but the rain complicated things and it was getting increasingly worse. The trouble is that we have to carry on with a long liaison to Salta “.

    Antonio Gimeno was one of the first to be affected by the cancellation “it was pouring rain and when it was my turn they stopped the race because there were  important floods which could even carry a  motorcycle and safety is always first”.

    In a stage with a feeling transition, the Dakar has again made its mark with important discards as Walkner was injured and the Spanish team is increasingly closer to its goal of finishing the race and being the first private fleet, fighting face to face with factory riders. The pilots arrived drenched and exhausted to Salta, where awaits a dreamed rest day.

    Stage classification:
    1-MEO, 2:27:27
    2-BENAVIDES +01: 53
    3-GONCALVES +03: 06
    7-CERVANTES +05: 33
    8-FARRÉS +06 01
    32-GIMENO +13:12
    76-OLIVERAS +43: 16
    83-ROMERO +49: 45

    Overall Rating:
    1-GONCALVES, 22:52:30
    2-PRICE +03:12
    3-SVITKO +09:24
    8-FARRÉS +29:57
    18-CERVANTES +56:59
    32-GIMENO +01:47:04
    77-OLIVERAS +06:23:26
    78-ROMERO +06:33:25

    Tomorrow’s stage
    01/09/2016 – SALTA (ARG)

    Active relaxation
    Back in Argentina and in the beautiful city of Salta, the survivors of the 2016 Dakar caravan will take their deserved breather. A rest day which means extra work for mechanics who must thoroughly check the bikes, while pilots gather strength for the second and decisive week.